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Millie is the first of many collaboration customs to come with AC/DC-Vintage. AC/DC-Vintage specializes in refurbishing/maintenance/repair of old vintage sewing machines and also happens to be a very skillful dress maker!

Naturally, the first choice was a maid. No really, that makes perfect sense. >_>

Millie’s beautiful outfit was wonderfully tailored by AC/DC. She comes with a cap, a full maid dress with apron complete with matching shoes and feather duster.

Casting the shoes for Millie was my first. At first it was going to be made with polyurethane which was very easy to work with but somewhat brittle. Millie’s shoes are instead made with resin which makes them just a little stiffer than the plastic used for Monster High shoes

To stay with the black and white theme, Millie gets greyscale repaint too.

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