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Commission Status: Closed


Rules, terms and conditions

I reserve the right to refuse commissions before or during work. In the event that the doll is in my possession, the doll will be returned at the owner’s expense with or without work completed. Payments are nonrefundable except in the case that I must cancel a commission. In this instance, a full refund for the work, minus shipping costs, will be provided and the doll will be returned to the owner blank, with no work completed.

I am not responsible for any package that is lost or damaged in the mail, insurance and tracking are up to the owner to provide and the appropriate numbers will be provided when a doll is returned after a commission. Packages are sent back carefully wrapped. I am not responsible for any customs fees that may be incurred. Customs fees are not additional shipping fees, they are fees that some international customers might have to pay in order to import a package.

This page is periodically updated/modified to include frequently asked questions and inquiries. If I am in the middle of a commission with you, I always let you know what these changes are and if they will affect you.


Torso by Plastic Curves

Contact me to reserve a slot. Let me know what you’re looking for and include as much detail as possible. Once commission details have been agreed on, I will ask you to fill out out a form for each feature you want on your doll.

Payment is required upfront. Payment installments can be arranged. A minimum of $50 is required to start.

If you are providing the doll, I take payment after the doll arrives.

Wait time can vary. Maximum wait time (not including shipping) is three weeks.

Projects which involve reroots may extend up to 2 months. This is work time per doll.

Dolls which include reroots and/or body modifications cannot be rushed. These projects must be submitted as early as possible to account for various factors ( such as rerooting time, making adjustments, wait time for glue to set, wait time for finishes). Please submit these types of projects 1-2 months in advance.

Upon finishing your doll, I will send you photos for approval. If it meets your approval, it will be shipped back.

Rules and Information

I work on the dolls in the order they arrive in the mail. The sooner your doll arrives, the sooner I can begin work.

I will only work with Saran or Nylon hair for reroots.

Reroot tool method is used for rerooting doll hair which involves poking strands of hair into the doll head. Reroots are secured with glue afterward which could vary or extend wait time.

Progress can be tracked through the WIP section.

No custom outfits and accessories, No full body recolors. Service is limited to alterations on the face or bodies. Sculpt/body alterations will be discussed in detail regarding pros and cons.

Arrangements which involve payment instalments will be handled through Etsy.


– Mr. Super Clear UV Flat/Gloss (Finish)
– Mr. Super Clear Matt
– Pro Art Soft Pastels
– Pearl EX Pigment Powder
– Prisma watercolor pencils
– Liquitex Basic Acrylics
– Mr Color clear gloss
– 100% Acetone

– Saran or Nylon hair from DollyHair
– Aleene’s Fabric Fusion





For more samples of previous work, please check out the gallery.



$65 – Face repaint
$120 – Face repaint + Reroot (No reroots only) (Updated 11/13/2013)
$140 – Face repaint + Reroot for Create a Monster (CAM) (Updated 11/13/2013)

Additional services

$10 – $30 – Tattoo
$15-30 – Torso details (Body hair, etc)
$20 – Unusual reroot (Anything that isn’t center or side part)
$15-30 – Hair styles which require curling, braids or anything more complicated

Additional Charges

– Base doll used
– Hair used for reroot
– Clean up (If the doll arrived with smudges and dirt that I have to clean up)

Reroots and styling can extend work time an additional 2 to 4 weeks. If you require a faster turn around, I recommend Tsubasa Oroza as an alternative rerooter.


When sending in inquiries, please include as much detail as possible with what you’re looking for. Please also let me know if you will be providing the doll or if you need me to do it for you.

I can purchase base dolls to use for you at Amazon, Target or Toys R Us. I occasionally have nude dolls available for custom work.

Please use the Inquiry form at the bottom of this page!


International orders/commissions are preferably handled through Etsy. If you are outside of the USA (or North America), please use the “Request Custom Order” feature at Etsy for commission inquiries or orders. Etsy has features that make it easier to manage and keep track of your commission and package status.

If  you’re a regular and you know exactly what you want, please fill out the order form below when you contact me:

Commission Form

It’s very important that you write down your exact commission specifications since this is what I’m going to use to work with your doll. Deviation from the commission form will result in additional charges.

– username (you used to contact me/or name you want to appear on the WIP page):
– Full Name:
– Mailing Address:
– Package contents:
– Paypal address (I will use to send the final invoice):

Commission details
Doll name: (Your doll’s name)
Doll base:

Style/Color themes
Eye shape/style:
Lashes color/style:
Iris/Pupil color/style:
Eye shadow color/style:
Lip color/style:
Hair color: (Same color I use for eyebrows. )
Hair style: Center, left or right side part? (Instructions and references for how the doll’s hair needs to be rooted and/or styled)

– Freckles: (None/Nose bridge/Nose bridge and under eyes)
– Markings/Tattoos:
– Photo or illustration references:
– Anything else:





Hestia and Jade

If you want your package shipped to another address other than the one listed on Paypal, please let me know. I say this because I print out my labels through PayPal and the address that comes up is the address you have listed there.

Domestic Shipping
I use Priority. Shipping transit is around 2-4 business days. Shipping includes tracking information. All dolls are packed carefully and shipped in a slim box. Please let me know in advance if you would like additional shipping options such as insurance or signature confirmation included.

$8 – Single dolls
$12 – Single dolls with the original box that they came in / 2-3 dolls
$20 – Large Priority box for multiple dolls with their original boxes

Dolls are insured for $50 by default by the USPS. Dolls at $100+ value are insured for an additional $3.

International Shipping
I use First Class International. Shipping transit is 14 business days to 6 weeks, sometimes longer depending on your country’s customs system. This time frame is in addition to the working time. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

First Class packages cannot be tracked. However, all international customs forms are filled out as required by law and provide a form number which I will give you upon notification of shipment. This form number can be entered at to see your package entered in the US mail system. The form number can occasionally indicate when and if the package has entered your country.

Dolls are ideally shipped without the original box that they came in so that they can move through the post faster and more efficiently.

Shipping cost on average for one doll is as follows but may vary depending on weight. Please contact me with your city, state and zip code so that I can look up shipping quotes in your area.

Australia – $15
Canada – $12
United Kingdom – $15
New Zealand – $15
Most other countries – $20

Please let me know in advance if you would like to add Registered Mail service for an additional $12.

Priority shipping is the only way to add tracking which starts at $50. Cost can vary depending depending on the destination country.

Please do not ask to change the value of the item. This is simply something I cannot do.

I am not responsible for items lost or damaged by the postal service.

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