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No Nap Time is a one-woman operation. Every item is lovingly hand-crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality, and shipped with care. I answer all correspondence personally and personably. I believe in cultivating relationships with each customer through courtesy, consideration and straight-forward communication.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like custom items, please send me a note.

Rules and Information

Commissioning work from No Nap Time means that you accept all of the terms and conditions listed on this website.

I will be using the photos of my work in progress or finished customs in my portfolio, Flickr, Deviant Art, etc. Let me know if you wouldn’t like that.

Please see the following sections for rules and conditions on services that I offer:



I expect a down payment equivalent to half the agreed commission price to start the commission and the rest when the doll(s) is/are completed.

Down payment or half the full payment required to start the commission is non-refundable. Down payment is required since it pays for the materials used to create your doll.

I accept only Paypal for payment. You don’t need a Paypal account to make a purchase. If you do not have an account, you will be able to complete your payment first and then decide whether you would like to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

All Texas Residents will be charged state sales tax. Paypal will automatically add 8.25% state sales tax to your purchase during checkout. If a payment plan is arranged, the Sales Tax is added manually.

If you would like to use a credit card, commissions will be arranged through Etsy where you can  use a credit card.

I will hold your doll(s) until payment is complete.


Customers will be notified within 24 hours when work on their commission is complete. Approval of the work/revision requests are expected within two (2) days of delivery of this notification.

Payment is expected within two (2) days of final aprroval of the work, unless alternate payment arrangements have been made.

No Nap Time reserves the right to interpret non-payment for 30 days following completion or approval of work (whichever is later) as the customer’s resignation of any and all claims, rights, and/or interest in the work, at which point No Nap Time assumes full and exclusive ownership of the work. The work may then be auctioned, resold, modified, destroyed or otherwise disposed at No Nap Time’s sole discretion.

No communications with No Nap Time modify or nullify this policy unless an alternate payment date is explicitly established by No Nap Time.


International orders/commissions are preferably handled through Etsy. If you are outside of the USA (or North America), please use the “Request Custom Order” feature at Etsy for commission inquiries or orders. Etsy has features that make it easier to manage and keep track of your commission and package status.

Orders will be shipped First Class International which may take about 3-4 weeks in transit. Please contact me with your shipping address information so that I can look up an accurate shipping quote for your country and/or alternative shipping options. USPS Priority shipping is the cheapest and only way to include tracking information which starts at $50.

International customers are responsible for all custom fees/taxes levied by his/her country. All custom fees, import duties, and other taxes are not included in the listing price or shipping & handling fees. Please contact your local customs department for information about custom fees/taxes before purchase.

Insurance and delivery confirmation are extra and recommended. I accept no responsibility for uninsured dolls when they leave my hands.

Commission Process

I take on different types of commissions. Each are covered in detail in their respective pages.

1 – Consultation

The first step is to contact me. You can either send me a note through the Contact Page or use the inquiry form in the respective commission type. Just let me know what you have in mind, I may draw a few rough sketches, we essentially discuss what is or what isn’t possible for the project. It is important that I at least know the following:

– Contact name
– Commission type
– Commission details/preferences
– Shipping information
– Is the project time sensitive?

2 – Payment

I prefer that projects be paid in full up front. Layaway is only offered for projects above $50.

3 – Work in Progress

A WIP entry is created on the WIP page to indicate that your project is now on my queue. The page is periodically updated to reflect the status of the project. The page is often updated between 7AM and 6PM CST.

Customers are occasionally contacted to get approval for some stages of the project before it can move forward.

4 – Approval

Final approval for work and other loose ends are sorted out if any.

5 – Shipped

Project is shipped back home!

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