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Retiring from craft commissions

I started NoNapTime as an attempt to live out a dream of living off of my “art.” Although family and friends recognized my creative pursuits, I didn’t get a lot of support or encouragement in regards to actually pursuing a creative career. I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that I’ve been a little scarce lately. Unfortunately, I had to ditch self-employment to be back in the work force. I was a bit burned out “creatively” and tired of living the “starving artiste” lifestyle.

I honestly didn’t know how NoNapTime would turn out. The usual litany I heard from friends and family that every artist dreads hearing is “How talented you are but I won’t pay you money for it.” There’s tons of variations but it just hurts to hear that phrase as an artist. What NoNapTime did show me is that out there, there are indeed people who value art just the same way they value any kind of work, service, or product. Art may be something ephemeral, subjective, or intangible to most people but only an artist can make it exist, make it happen. After the success of NoNapTime, I got a lot of friends and family to change their opinion of my pursuing a creative career. ^_~

I had the pleasure of meeting lots of wonderful people in the doll and crafting world, connoisseurs and artists alike. I’m really glad I had the courage to shed my insecurities and just really go for it. I’m not saying that I’m ditching NoNapTime, it’s just going to take a back seat for a while.

Since a lot of folks have asked, I am retiring from taking doll repaint and craft commissions. I simply don’t have the time, space, or energy to work on them with a day job. I may occasionally release a few OOAK dolls now and then, just not on a regular basis like I used to. So what does this mean for NoNapTime? NoNapTime is going to move towards publishing more content like a few tutorials here and there, reviews, and crochet patterns (amigurumi and anything I felt like designing!). So good news for all of you who like to read the blog and try out patterns, sad news for anyone wanting tangible goods. Due to the day job, articles are probably going to be sporadic. It takes me a while to write anything!

I am extremely grateful to everyone who supported me since NoNapTime started. It’s not going away, it’s just going to change gears. Hopefully should conditions change, I may be able to get back to doll repaints again. Unfortunately, I’m going to drop taking amigurumi commissions completely since they take a lot more time due to the nature of crochet.

If you guys like this blog and the content found here, please consider donations or buy patterns at the store! Donations go on to fund the website and upkeep! Donations (and what I used to earn from the commissions) were what kept this blog and content up. So if you wanna keep it that way, please consider a donation, or buy something at my Etsy store!

A lot of folks seem to use NoNapTime as a reference for custom dolls but I am pretty eclectic. I’m hoping to publish more crochet stuff (I will get those tutorials started… soonish.) and the occasional random crafty stuff! Anyway, got any ideas for articles you wanna see here at NoNapTime? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. So I just wanted to let you know how grateful I have been for your knowledge, and website. I have always enjoyed seeing your work, you ARE very talented. I wish I could have ordered a commission from you – but struggling to make ends meet never allowed me to do so. I am hoping the site will stay up, and I will continue to follow you when you do post.

    Thank you

  2. I found you Blog a couple years ago, and it has helped me out A LOT. I understand the need to put things to the side just to survive. I’ll be watching for new updates from you when you can.
    Keep crafting you shining STAR!

  3. Hi, maybe that’s somewhere on the site, but was wondering if there is any possibility to buy Kyubey pattern?

    1. It’s not for sale right now and because so many people have asked for it, I am considering it. There’s just so many variations I’ve done I don’t know which version would be the easiest for people to follow. ^^;

      1. I see 🙂 hope one day You will decide to unseal this magic recipe 😉 what I was interested in was pattern for black or green Kyubey… if You used the same pattern for both. Anyways thank You for reply :))))

  4. I just find out your blog, I am getting started with all this doll’s world and you aré really an inspiration. Please do not give up in your Dreams. I love your work, it is awesome. And i do understand that a break is always welcomed.

  5. Oh Peri, this breaks my heart! I had a feeling this was happening and I had hoped I was wrong. I’m glad to know that you aren’t stopping completely but am sad and feel like this is a loss. We all will miss you dearly! <3 Everything about your dolls were perfect! The creativity, the style, the attention to detail! You've inspired me in so many ways and I am so grateful for that! <3 I'll forever regret never commissioning you for a doll when I could have! D:

    1. Thank you, Twiggy! As I said, NoNapTime just needs to take the backseat for now. I’ll work on doll commissions again should circumstances change/improve for me. The commission work basically allowed me to experiment which I really enjoyed. =)

  6. Aww this so sad to hear but at least you’re not dropping off the face of the earth
    Because you are one of my favorite artist 😀

  7. I’m really sorry to hear this but I completely understand… I’ve depended on your site for help with my own projects and sometimes it’s just fun to see what you’re up to… I’ve always needed the job and the creative pursuits separately; I consider it balance. Not that I’ve ever tried to live off my creativity but I’ve found I need breaks from it and inspiration sometimes comes from the most unusual places. I wish you all the luck and will be happy to see your future articles.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I realize that a lot of beginners or anyone just kind of curious about the process of repainting dolls seem to end up here so I might have to rewrite some tutorials to address that. When I wrote a lot of articles, it was always from the perspective of anyone who was already in the know or had any inkling of what they were doing since a lot of aspects on customizing dolls is extremely experimental and a lot of beginners assume that everything is a clean step by step process. ^^;

      Now that I’ve tried it, I know it is possible for me to make a living off of my art. I just really need a break from it for now.

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