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Experiment: Obitsu head with EAH body doll hybrid

Obitsu is a Japanese doll manufacturer well known for creating highly pose-able dolls that range from 1/6th to 1/4th scale. They have created a variety of body types which can be customized to just about anyone and anything.


Because of how well designed Obitsu bodies are, they are often used by doll enthusiasts to replace bodies which make it easier to pose dolls for photo shoots. The company also produces heads for these bodies but they often don’t get noticed due to a lot of the head molds made in “anime” style. It doesn’t help that the bodies and heads only come in two colors: pale and flesh tone.

Two Ever After High characters happen to be the perfect match for Obitsu skin tones: Apple white is compatible with pale and Raven Queen with the flesh tone. Close candidates to the flesh tone are Blondie Lockes and Cupid. They are not a perfect match but the skin tone is close enough that a little bit of blush work will allow it.



Above is an Obitsu 21HD-F02N head on Raven Queen’s body. It looks great on the body but this particular head type’s chin is too short to really work with the proportions.


The head can sit comfortably on the EAH neck peg. The fit is so snug that if you plan to do any face ups, it has to be with the head attached to the body. You really have to jam the head on to attach it!


Likewise, EAH heads fit right in on an Obitsu body.


Raven is so top heavy she can’t quite handle the weight of her head…


The take away is that it’s good to know that Obitsu’s and certain EAH characters have interchangeable bodies and heads!


Head types designed by Obitsu for their 11cm/21cm/23cm body types seem the best suited for the EAH body. The least popular head type is the 23-01N / 23-01W. This head type is usually best on an Obitsu 27cm body due to the longer chin.



Fortunately, this longer chin works perfectly with EAH body proportions!


This head and body combination seems as if they were made for each other since Cupid can now actually do a head tilt!


Just look how much better this head and body combination is compared to the original doll.


Since the EAH head is twice as large as the Obitsu head, head accessories are looser. They can sit comfortably on poofy hair styles and can be secured with elastics.



Obitsu heads have to be re-poked in order for it to accept EAH earrings.


I really love this Obitsu/Ever After High doll hybrid combination. The proportions are just perfect for me.

A few years back Obitsu released darker skinned heads and models in Marrone which looks like a good match for EAH Ashlynn Ella and Cerise Hood. Unfortunately it was a limited run and we may no longer see dark skinned releases in the future.



If you’re interested in creating your own Obitsu/EAH hybrid, you can pick up all of the head types at Junkyspot or search for “Obitsu head” on Ebay. Be sure to pay attention to the skin tone!

 Edit 2015-02-07:

The Marrone body is not quite a match. It’s close, maybe 1/2-1 shade lighter. Close enough to fudge, though. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I sold all my spare heads a while back.

Coconut (the darkest body) is not as dark as Ginger and Cedar, and there is a bigger difference in colors, both tonally and darkness-wise.


So what do you think of this doll hybrid? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!



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  1. Is there any way you could send me a link to where you bought these particular heads? Like, to the actual listing? If not, is there a way I can figure out what sizes of head would work on the EAH body before I buy them? I don’t want to make any mistakes.

    1. I bought the heads from Junkyspot and unfortunately, these heads are no longer available. I think they stopped producing them a few years back so they only way you can get them is through Ebay or 1/6th doll trade forums. 1/6th scale usually works for EAH bodies.

      1. Thanks. By the way, what do you do with extra doll heads when you have them? I really want to try this experiment but I don’t know what to do with the EAH heads once I’ve pulled them off. Maybe scout around at yard sales for a Barbie body donor or something?

      2. Thank you, I’m excited to give this experiment a try! However, I don’t know what to do with the EAH heads after I pull them off. Should I scout around yard sales for a Barbie body donor or what? What do you do with extra heads?

        1. I swapped some of the heads with other customizers, others I used for practice, others I sold off since they had perfect factory painted faces which I know a lot of collectors want.

          You could always try the EAH head on another body. They kind of look cute on an Obitsu body given the right face up.

          1. One more question, I promise. Do you still suggest using a Raven Queen doll for the normal fleshtone colored heads? They all look paler online than the head does.

          2. I noticed that recent batches of dolls vary in skin tone. Apple White seems to be the most consistent (matches with Obitsu White) but Raven seems to have been looking more and more between Obitsu White and Flesh. Goldilucks and Cupid are a perfect match for the Obitsu Flesh.

            That said, I try to look for the character dolls in person just to confirm the actual look of the skin tone before I get them online.

          3. Sooo sorry for all the questions. I have made two custom dolls using the heads and this method. However, the doll heads I need have been discontinued by Junkyspot. Can you suggest other heads I might be able to use from Junkyspot? Like, ones that would have a similar effect as the 21HD-F02N head? Thank you so much in advance.

          4. To be honest, I really don’t know any other sources for anime-style heads. The next best candidate is Volks but they discontinued their 1/6th Fashion doll line which makes it even more difficult to find this particular style of head.

            I would suggest browsing Etsy using the keywords “kurhn, momoko, obitsu” with “head” and occasionally you’ll get lucky and get a hit from someone who might have it. Good luck! If you find a reliable source please do share. =)

  2. Is there any way you could post a pic of the EAH body and Obitsu head hybrid next to a Monster High doll? I’m debating on which head size from the two you posted above matches up closer with a Monster High doll head size. Thanks either way. 🙂

    1. Sorry, no can do. This experiment was done a long while ago that I no longer have these hybrids around. You may have some luck asking around on Tumblr though.

      1. Alright, thanks for taking the time to reply and your suggestion. I’ll definitely take a look around on Tumblr. Glad you posted this article all the same. 🙂

  3. Awesome post, I love the pictures.
    Maybe you can tell me if Ever after’s clothes fits on the Obitsu 25 or 23 cm body.

  4. Do you think an Obitsu eyehole head would work on an EAH body? I’m thinking of getting the ‘Teenage Evil Queen’ doll, putting her head on a 27 cm Obitsu body and getting an eyehole head for the remaining EAH body. Maybe I would need to shorten the EAH neck peg to access the eye holes?

  5. I want to make my own eah/obitsu hybrid using Maddie body. Is big difference between maddie’s body colour and obitsu pale head? should I use Lizzie body for better colour match? (sry for my english)

    1. Yes, there is a huge color difference between Maddie’s skin color and the Obitsu white/natural skin tones. I had to dye my Obitsu head to match Maddie’s skin color. Same problem with what I’ve seen with Lizzie.

  6. The Marrone body is not quite a match. It’s close, maybe 1/2-1 shade lighter. Close enough to fudge, though. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I sold all my spare heads a while back.

    Coconut (the darkest body) is not as dark as Ginger and Cedar, and there is a bigger difference in colors, both tonally and darkness-wise.

    1. You’re so lucky to have owned a Marrone! They sold out so fast back when Junkyspot were carrying them, I never had the chance. >_< Thanks so much for sharing! I didn't realize they released another dark skinned body!

  7. I like the way you think… I’m always trying to create my own perfect doll based on my preferences. Plastic surgery has a whole new meaning in my world! I love that you take so many pictures and include them with your text… makes for an easy straightforward kind of tutorial! Bravo!

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