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Workspace Wednesdays: Reroots and Apoxie Sculpt

I’m currently juggling several projects at a time. A few have been on my table on and off, others are current commissions.

Let’s start off with Frankie.

She’s going to be transformed into Marilyn Monroe. Her reroot has been completed but I found that the pink eye shadow from the factory paint left a faint stain on her face so she’s undergoing benzoyl peroxide treatment to get the face as blank as possible for the repaint.

I’ve also got Wydowna who just finished the reroot process. The glue needs to set before I can move on to painting her.

I’m conducting a few body mod experiments using Apoxie sculpt to create a boy version of Draculaura. IMG_2083

My Apoxie was super sticky so the sculpt needs to get sanded and resculpted.
Apple White is undergoing a transformation as Sonico!

Hopefully I won’t need to sand her down as much…

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  1. Oh man, I would LOVE to see more about your boy mod! I’m not sure if you’ve already posted details about how you did it, but I’ve been searching for months to find someone who has. I’ve had much difficulty with mine. Tried sandpaper and made no progress, tried an x-acto knife and that ended about as well as you can expect because of a poorly placed finger…. Is there a certain type of sandpaper needed if you used that? What method worked best for you? Only if you’re comfortable with sharing of course! Thank you, your blog is a treasure trove of beautiful dolls!

  2. Does it matter the color of the apoxie sculpt? I’ve found some on ebay that one if Grey and one is black, and others with black one. So I’m curious if there’s some that are any different or are they just different colors with no difference in making or anything?

  3. Hi! I have a question I hope you see it, I have also be modifying a monster high girl in a boy and I got a little bumps in the road. Did you seal the body before using the apoxie or you started to mod direct on the body? And after can you just seal with mr super clear? I tried another sealant me it was a disaster.

  4. Depending on which brand you are using, you may be able to use water to help smooth it out in the drying process. That’s what I did with my girls. I’ve been wanting to modify a girl doll into a boy body but haven’t yet. Let me know how the feet work out for you 🙂

    1. Welp I got the Apoxie Sculpt and will be “enhancing” the boobs for my briar beauty doll 😀
      Now my question is, how do I get the Apoxie Sculpt to match her skin tone (or at least as close as possible).

      1. It’s not impossible to color match Apoxie sculpt before it has cured but most artists just use it “as is” and just paint over the sculpt when it has hardened. The reason for this is because Apoxie sculpt may change color once it has hardened/cured compared to before you mix the two parts together.

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