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Natsumi’s Cornrows

After trying out cornrows on Poison, I said I’d call it quits and never try it again.


But nope, I really wanted to see what a full head of corn rows looks like on a doll and thus Natsumi was born.

She looks like she can beat me up...
She looks like she can beat me up…

Having had the experience with Poison has at least allowed me to do a better job on Natsumi.


The downside is that her previous reroot pattern is clearly visible. In future, I’d have to be really picky and inspect dolls for their reroot pattern so that the new cornrow pattern would be cleaner.


Knowing that the hair bulks up around the back, I had to reroot the hair thinner and space them out a lot farther in the back. I don’t have to worry too much about the reroot patterns in the back of the head since the resulting braids cover them up.

This hairstyle is extremely tedious that anyone who wants to try it out needs to be extremely patient!

Corn rows are hard to do on real hair, imagine doing it in smaller scale! I just really love this hair style and I hope I can try out variations of it on more dolls. =)

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