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Liquid Fusion Revisited

Hi, I was just sent your article on Liquid Fusion. I am about to repair a doll from the 80s (baby doll) that has manufactured rooted hair. (the big holes like in your article) The client was hoping that we could root the hair. We use angora mohair (in case you are not familiar with reborns) I was wondering if this method would work for this as well. Here is the catch though we heat the heads in order to micro root one to two hairs at a time. Do you feel that the liquid fusion would with stand that. (the heads are heated from the inside with a hot rice sock)

Also could you tell me what donor vinyl is? I have never heard this term and I am interested in learning more about it. Thank you for a great article , I look forward to hearing from you.

Debra Jadick

I hope you don’t mind my answering this over at the blog but I get asked similar questions like this about Liquid Fusion and donor vinyl.

For the uninitiated, Liquid Fusion is a Clear Urethane Glue. I found out about the product from Styrene Modelers.

I’ve only used Liquid Fusion for a few specific tasks, so I’m not sure how it should or shouldn’t be used in other situations. I do recommend checking out the Amazon listing for customer feedback on what may or may not work based on other people’s experience. I based my decision to try it out on dolls by seeing how it dries into clear sheets of plastic that happened to be perfect for patching up vinyl gaps and holes. Liquid Fusion can be made into thin sheets that are flexible and can match vinyl plastics used on dolls.


As far as my experiment with the earless Clawdeen is concerned, Liquid Fusion was able to withstand the reroot tool method as well as boiling-hot water being poured over it after the reroot was done to style the hair. Will it work for a reborn doll too? I really don’t know. If you do have any questions about that, the video above is straight from the manufacturer’s official Youtube Channel so you might want to direct technical questions over to them.

Donor vinyl?


Donor vinyl means exactly that, taking vinyl from a scrap doll head (donor) and using it for the doll that you’re working with. Donor vinyl can be attached using an adhesive of some kind (E600, Liquid Fusion, etc) or carefully melting the donor vinyl into place using the hot glue gun method.

Different dolls have different types of plastics used on them and what kind of method or material is compatible varies depending on chemistry or the situation. I don’t have any experience with reborn dolls but I do know that they are made of higher quality vinyl than play line dolls that I’m familiar with. Whether either method works, see if the manufacturer may be able to address those questions. If not, always have a doll handy to be your test subject!

If you have any experience or information on Liquid Fusion, please share them in the comment section. =)

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