WIP: Mishaps with Mr. Super Clear

This is something a lot of artists will scream at or collapse into fetal position after seeing.


This is the result you have to watch out for in cold weather. Since Mr. Super Clear is a spray type sealant, it can be very temperamental during cold weather. Hot weather isn’t necessarily good either as the sealant can occasionally result in something like this if it’s “too hot.” Ideal weather temperature is around 65 to 90 °F. Ideal conditions are at 70-85 °F with little to no humidity. Humidity is really what you have to watch out for.

Unfortunately, there is no salvaging work once sealant screws up like the above. You have to start from scratch.

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  1. But, what to do when it is too cold outside? I can’t imagine everyone who does repaints just stops for months every autumn/winter.

  2. I’m working on my first monster high repaint and I’m spraying MSC outside in like 6 Celsius I don’t know what that is in Farenheit. 60 F is like 12 C so I think 6 C is like 30 F and that is cold but my MSC work perfectly snd we have no humidity. I have sprayed like 7 layers and nothing has gone wrong

  3. “Ideal weather temperature is around 65 to 90 °F. Ideal conditions are at 70-85 °F with little to no humidity. ”
    I’m a bit confused at this, ><
    first one is the temperature range it should be done in if done,
    second one is what you want to go for?

    1. Sealants are extremely temperamental. If it’s too hot, too cold, too humid, there’s it’ll have weird or unintended reactions. I found those numbers from a loose translation of ideal conditions for MSC from an old Japanese website that no longer exists (-_-).

      With MSC, the ideal conditions are no humidity, no wind, a sunny day around 80-90 °F (from my own experience). Other folks have had luck even when it’s outside that range so it varies. You’ll have to use the sealant yourself to work with its quirks.

      1. Alrighty, well, I’ve been researching it for awhile now, and Looking through all the guides of the internet, the most common range used is 60-80 F, Dry weather/little to no humidity/sunny/calm/moderate
        Sound about right? could we assume room temperature?

          1. Sweet, thank you.
            Just need to go buy soft brushes(What brand/fiber type do you use?)
            Do you think it would make a difference if you did the beginning layers of a doll with MSC UV then did normal MSC?

          2. You should check out my other articles, this one maybe? XD

            I don’t like recommending brushes since it all comes down to preference. The only rule of thumb is look for the smallest possible brush you can find. Hobby stores that sell supplies for Warhammer are a good place to start. Dollyhair and Junkyspot usually carry small brushes ideal for repainting dolls or miniatures too.

            The difference with MSC and MSC UV is that UV’s formula prevents it from yellowing with age. Regular MSC does yellow with age especially if the doll has been subjected to sun exposure regularly. I don’t really know what would happen if you mix the two. Yellowing isn’t visible for regular MSC until a year or two later, 6 months if there’s constant sun involved.

  4. What a shame, this repaint is beautiful! This is exactly what happened to me the first time I tried, but thanks to your help I can now spray with confidence 🙂

  5. I wonder if it’s possible to anticipate such disasters by spraying on a cheap head (kept for this purpose only) on the same day before spraying something important, to see how it behaves? We don’t have spray sealants here so I have no way of testing. Sorry you have to start anew! :'(

    1. I use one of my 2nd hand/damaged Clawdeens for this purpose. MSC errors are easier to spot on dark skin, too late if you’re applying it on pastel or lighter skin tones.

      It’s good practice to always do a “practice” application before you do it on your actual work, especially when the conditions aren’t perfect.

  6. TX gets extreme weather in the 100’s during the summer. MSC “evaporates” and creates a really rough texture almost like fine sandpaper. MSC is not a gentleman indeed. XD

  7. Oh my, looks like she was rolling in the snow 🙁 So sad to start it from beginning. A lot of work and then, Mr. Super Clear mess with it >:( He’s not a gentleman lol

    Here in Brazil our biggest problem is the hot weather 🙁


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