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Repaint Story: Working with vinyl painted surfaces

You may recall Carol as the example used from the vinyl paint article. Vinyl is supposed to look smooth as seen on Custom Heath but it can also be temperamental as seen on Carol.

Up close, the pockmarked surface of Carol’s skin looks like a nightmare to repaint.


I used a fine grade sandpaper to try and smooth it out but it could only do so much. It did help smooth out bumps and erase some of the pockmarks but they still remained.


Since the vinyl paint spray was a perfect match with titanium white acrylic, I brushed on a bit of it on the surface which helped smooth the surface a little bit more. I was careful not to apply too much since a thick layer of acrylic paint doesn’t quite have the same hold as vinyl. A thick layer of acrylic paint has a tendency to peel off.


Just as expected, the pockmarks make it difficult to apply blush evenly. I used Mr. Super Clear for this project since I know it adheres to vinyl paint surfaces without compromising the paint layer in the long run.


Carol received a relatively simpler repaint than usual to get bolder lines. Some of the blush work was corrected and enhanced by using acrylic paint to do the necessary gradient effect using layers of washes.

Watercolor pencils were used to sketch out her brows. Just like the pastel blush, it was difficult to get a consistent look due to the pockmarks.


Despite the skin flaws, she turned out pretty good!


MSC and finishes applied, the texture on her skin isn’t so bad!


She looks like she’d be perfect as a geisha.

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