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Repaint Story: Amelia

I tried out the brush on sealant with Amelia. Unlike my initial test subject, Narcissa, brush on sealant can be a little temperamental.


DUST! DUST! DUST! I had to start over and wipe her until I got an unblemished surface.


What is great about using brush on sealant is how smoothly and evenly pastels adhere to it. Unfortunately, unlike Narcissa, the blush work rubbed off when I tried to apply another coating of brush on sealant. The brush on sealant itself retained something of a shiny, somewhat sticky surface.


The brush on sealant had to be resealed with Mr. Super Clear to keep the blush work intact and to remove the overall stickiness of the brush on sealant.


I’m saving a few layers of MSC just by using the brush on sealant as the initial layer. Later color layers seem to stand out even more as a result.


I think several layers of MSC might actually be clouding the plastic surface a bit causing the finished colors to look duller. Amelia was completed with only three layers: 1) Brush on Sealant, 2) MSC (to seal the brush on and do the rest of the repaint), and 3) Finish.


I’m not even sure if the third layer of MSC is necessary as a finish. I applied it as a precaution to protect the actual paint work even though they looked like they were going to stay on. It also doubles to level the paint brush texture making the painted surfaces look more natural. Applying the gloss brings back the color since the MSC finish dulled it.

For those curious about Amelia’s body, it was inspired by Cherry of Studio Killers. I wanted to try a variant that was based on Monster High’s Frankie Stein. Her body was modified with Apoxie sculpt to be more curvier but without sacrificing movement. Her stitches are really nice but they have a tendency to snag clothing.

More photos of Amelia’s body below:

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