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A Grims Charming photoshoot!

It’s hard to believe that I started this project 2 years ago! Several cast members later, we finally get Grims, the main character!

Grims Charming
Grims looks like he’s pulling a Nathan Fillion look here.

Grims Charming is a webcomic series conceived by Charming Nightmare and LaPetitLaPearl. When Monster High came out in 2010, they turned out to be a perfect fit for the Grims Charming cast.

Grims Charming is a retelling of fairy tales where Grims is the “prince charming.” Emilia Belles is transformed as the “beast” in one of these fairy tales while investigating Grims. You can read the webcomic at Deviant Art.

Love triangle?
Cue the awesome walk sequence music!

You can see more of Grims, Emilia and Irvine in the gallery below:

Below are galleries to other Grims Charming characters made so far:

I’m in love with the character design for this webcomic! The outfits were created by LaPetitLaPearl (co-creator). Gothel and Morbida are the only other characters thus far to get their outfits but I’ll be posting future characters in their outfits later in the future.

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