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Repaint Story: Tonner Witch

I fell in love with Tonner dolls the first time I laid eyes on them after working with my very first Tonner. This recent witch is no different! I’ve seen them around but I’ve never actually seen one in person.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that unlike most dolls, Tonner dolls appear to be hand painted.


That’s pretty good for production line. The features on these dolls are really tiny and subtle. It has crevices where it’s hard to get a good brush stroke. Miss Witchy is prepping for a new look…


Without the make up, these dolls are still beautiful.


Sealant layer applied followed up with blush. It’s pleasant to work with these dolls because the sculpt has this natural velvety texture that sort of mimics real skin. The blush holds and looks great without much effort.


Eye balls are filled in along with eye wells.


Sorry to have skipped several parts! I got carried away and painted the rest of the face. Her eyebrows are a combination of watercolor pencils and acrylics to give it that bushy texture. Lashes are drawn much smaller to scale with her face. The lips had a very natural, soft smile so it was a little difficult to make her look disappointed…


First level of “shatter” is done with acrylics. I looked up broken glass images to try and get the effect right.


Highlights are applied to the cracks.


The cracks at a different and closer angle.


Retouched the lips a little bit and glossed her eyes and we’ve got a lovely, shattered witch. Gloss was also applied to some sections of the cracks to help them pop out. They don’t photograph very well but it makes the cracks look more real in person.


I hope to work on more Tonner dolls in the future! If you have one that you’re bored with, please, please consider letting me repaint them for you!

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  1. She’s beautiful! I love your faceup and I love the sculpt. Especially the fact that she has a real looking nose and not a teensy upturned button like so many dolls have. ^.^ any chance you’d post a pic of her in profile?

    1. Thanks so much! No, unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to photograph her in profile. She does indeed have a rather huge nose.

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