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Repaint Story: Ever After High

Ever After High is a new doll franchise by Mattel along the same vein as Monster High. Ever After’s student body is based on fairy tale and fantasy characters. Unlike Monster High dolls, Ever After dolls share the same face mold and come in varying human skin tones.


No doubt, these dolls are cute! Their outfits and accessories seem much more detailed and elaborate compared to Monster High dolls. I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with Briar Beauty.


The default eyes that they come with is beautiful but I don’t think the almond shape works well with the face shape.


Their face sculpts remind me of pancakes. They’re really flat and simple. This could be a blessing or a curse to a beginner. You can feel comfortable drawing the eyes exactly the way you want them due to how flat the sculpt is… or it could be a complete disaster because you won’t have natural arches in the sculpt to guide you which could easily lead to wonk eyes.


Like most Monster High sculpts, Ever After dolls benefit a lot from getting larger eyes to go with their round faces.

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  1. Amazing work!!! I want to know how type of paintings you used, water or vinyl, and before some fixative of painting? …

  2. It’s funny how they painted the lips thinner than the sculpt on all of them, unlike MH whose lips go way beyond the normal border. Love the new lips you gave her!

    1. Their proportions are actually very cute. The body reminds me a bit of BJD dolls but the face was a disappointment. If only it weren’t so flat!

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