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Doll reroot and resources (part 2)

I felt that my initial article about doll reroot resources was a bit inadequate. This is going to expand a bit on the subject as well as give a more comprehensive list of what types of hair you can use and where to get them.

The truth is, there aren’t very many suppliers that cater to customizers. There are only a few notable ones, DollyHair and RestoreDoll in particular, that cater to doll reroot needs.

Selecting Hair

Anything that is a string type fiber can be used for rerooting. You can find more alternatives and information about the differences from Roxibabe. I’m only listing the few that I’m familiar with.

RestoreDoll's Saran
RestoreDoll’s Saran


– Comes in thin strands

– Somewhat resistant to curling

– Can be boil permed

– Can not be dyed with fabric dye

– Available in regular, matte (opaque), “color change”, and precurled

– Used  by Obitsu, primarily by Mattel (Barbie/Monster High) and Tonner

DollyHair's Nylon blend
DollyHair’s Nylon blend


– Easiest to style

– Comes in thicker strands

– Takes curls very easily that it can be straightened again if needed

– Does not need to be boil permed

– Can be dyed with fabric dye

– Available in regular, vibrant, matte, brilliant, glow-in-the-dark, and precurled

– Used primarily by Hasbro (My Little Ponies)

Barbie using Acetate from DollyHair


– Closely resembles human hair than any other types

– If you are looking for “realism” pick this for your doll

– Can be boil permed

– Can be dyed with fabric dye



– Animal fur

– Very light, fluffy

– Not intended for brushing but can be fixed by careful, light styling

– Can be dyed

– Not recommended for beginners


This is a list of methods that are known to me. If you know of any other way, please let me know in the comments below!

Method Head removal Ease Notes
Reroot Tool The tension will keep the hair in place but if you want to make sure that it’s secure, you do need to remove the head in order to apply glue. Easy, fast – requires a reroot tool which can be fashioned from an Exacto Knife and needles– Requires glue to hold the hair in place as a security measure
Lock and Loop yes Medium, can be problematic if you lose your place in Barbie sized dolls where you can’t see the inside – no glue required
Needle and Thread (A variation on Lock and Loop using a thread to hold the hair in place) yes Medium, can be problematic if the thread breaks – no glue required
Knot/Tension method yes Slow – hair is held in place by the knot but if you want to ensure security, add glue for good measure


If you know any others, please let me know in the comments below!

Supplier Stock Shop Shipping Communication
Dolly Hair(USA) Nylon, Saran, Acetate, Polypropylene, Kanekalon, Mohair 

Also sells doll repaint tools and supplies

– Huge selection of colors to choose from- Has tons of helpful information you need for doll rerooting

– Recommended for hobbyists looking for small or specific amounts for reroot

I have positive experience with Dolly Hair. I’ve been shopping at DollyHair since 2006.Order processing can be slow. Large orders get processed much faster but smaller orders can take about 1-2 weeks.



Everything you need to know is on the website. 

The seller was very helpful the few times I have had to contact them for information or help.

RestoreDoll(USA) Nylon, Saran, Flocking 

Also sells doll repaint tools and supplies

– Huge selection of colors to choose from- Recommended for hobbyists looking for small or specific amounts for reroot


I LOVE RestoreDolls. My only gripe is that the website could use some polishing. I’m not a fan of the way the website looks but if you can ignore that, it is very informative and has photos of the hair on various doll.

Extremely fast order processing and shipping. Orders get shipped either the day you order or the very next day. 

Highly recommended for customizers, especially when you need the item asap. That’s just their regular shipping procedure.

– Has additional shipping options which is another plus for customizers.

It takes a bit of getting used to but everything you need to know is on the website. 

The seller was very helpful the few times I needed to contact them for information or help.





Nylon, Saran, Polypropylene, Kanekalon, Mohair 

– Carries alternative fibers that can be used for rerooting not available anywhere else

– A good selection of colors to choose from 

– Usually sells in large formats only. Contact the seller for alternative amounts


I LOVE RetroDolls! They offer a lot of attractive colors I’ve never seen in other shops before. Just like RestoreDoll, my gripe is how the website could use some polishing. Alternatively, they’ve just opened an Etsy shop which alleviates some of that gripe.

Fast. If you order from the website, it’s a little awkward. This might have improved since from my first experience. I felt a little confused by the lack of an order notification so I wasn’t sure if my order went through or not when I ordered from them the first time.- The prices are relatively good compared to DollyHair and RestoreDoll, especially in the amounts offered. – Seller is extremely accommodating. Anything you need to know, any special instructions or custom orders, they are taken care of very promptly. If you need something customized, this is what RetroDolls has in spades. 

RetroDolls could benefit more if there was a way to automate custom orders.

Alternative suppliers found through research on the web! If you know anything about them, please let me know in the comments!

  • My Little Customs (Europe) – Sells Nylon, Polypropylene, and Saran. Carries doll customizing tools and supplies. Looks like a European alternative to DollyHair.
  • Debi255 (Ebay) – Caters to Baby Reborn customizers. Carries a few selections of Saran and reroot tools.
  • Parabox (Japan) – The shop creates Obitsu dolls. I have nothing but good experience ordering from them and it turns out that they carry Saran too. It’s the same kind of material they use for their default doll heads which might be limited in selection, but are high quality. They only sell in small formats enough for a 1/6th scale Obitsu head which is the equivalent of a Barbie head.
  • Dollmore – BJD company that sells Saran intended for Doll wigs.
  • Rerootdoll (Australia) – Sells Saran, flocking and doll customizing supplies.
  • Plasticpop (Germany) – Specializes in Obitsu custom parts, carries some Saran, and doll customizing supplies. The doll customizing supplies must be a recent addition. I’ve bought items from this shop before and had a good experience so they come highly recommended.
  • Extreme-beauty (Ebay) – Specializes in people sized wigs and hair care so it might take a bit of browsing before you can find materials or supplies you can use for dolls.


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  1. None of the hair will come out of my monster high doll…. I need a lil more help figuring it out. Will you please explain it to me?

  2. My Little Costums is a great store, although many times almost all the hair is sold out. But I always by the hair hanks, rooting and sewing supplies from there and the items are of very good quality.

  3. Hello question hace you ever do a reroot on a my size barbie? Cant seem to find someone able to tell me how to remove the head.

    1. I’ve never rerooted a doll of that size but if she does have a squishy head, you could probably take it off by softening the head using a heat pad, boiling hot water, or hair dryer then yank it off while it’s soft. Just make sure you wear protective clothing or mittens since it’s guaranteed that head’s gonna be very hot. Safety first!

  4. Weird question…could you do this with human hair? I have about 7-8 inches of my old hair I wanted to use…

  5. Do you think you could post a chart for the amount of hair required for a certain hair length you’re trying to achieve? I have a barbie head that’s about standard size. I want to give her hair that’s below the butt (she deserves it!).

  6. How much hair do you recommend buying from dollyhair or restoredoll in order to reroot a Monster High doll? I seem to be reading different amounts everywhere I look and I want to make sure I order enough but at the same time, don’t want to go way over board. Thank you!

    1. Hair amount depends a lot on the hairstyle and/or length that you’re planning to do for a doll reroot. I usually order the Barbie amount for Monster High dolls but the amount can sometimes result in a thin or thickly rooted doll depending on the doll head size. Since doll head size slightly varies among MH dolls, I haven’t found a good standard hair amount. I sometimes find that I have to order more because I didn’t have enough to reroot my doll (usually Lagoona) or less (usually Clawdeen or any of the werewolves) so I end up with extra.

      Hair amount varies among suppliers/shop so what I recommend is to ask the owner directly for what they recommend. Both Dollyhair and RestoreDoll have really good communication and are very helpful about specifics on the hair supply that they carry. Both are super knowledgeable about every doll in existence (impression I got when corresponding with them) so chances are they know a good deal about the doll that you’re referring to and will be able to recommend the appropriate amount of hair and length to use.

  7. I’m not entirely sure what I’m talking about but is a pretty awesome site. The service is really quick and I think she has good selection at a good price 🙂

  8. I tried the needle and thread method once, and my thread broke right away. So I switched to something we crazy beaders use in our projects jewelry, called Fireline. It’s a fishing line and very, very sturdy. I used the crystal shade because the smoke color tends to come off on my hands — and would probably come off on a doll.

    I had no breakage at all with Fireline! I used the 8 LB test, which is very strong, but thin enough to fit through a needle if you flatten the end with a pair of pliers first. I’m thinking, a thinner version would be great for sewing intricate hairstyles into place or sewing beads/sequins/miniature crowns onto a doll’s scalp. Better than monofilament fishing line, which doesn’t knot very well.

    — Sarah

  9. I’m an Australian and went to check out Rerootdoll. That website is AWFUL. It’s a massive struggle to see what products they have, and it doesn’t seem to be well stocked. I normally prefer to buy Australian, but that’s just not possible here. 🙁


    I actually buy toyokalon hair from a site called doctoredlocks. I’ve used that and the silky straight kanekalon. DON’T buy the jumbo braid for doll hair.

    You get enough in each bag to do several dolls. The kanekalon from them is very similar to the katsilk saran I have from Restoredoll. I really prefer the toyokalon, it’s silky, shiny, strong and doesn’t tangle easily. If you are in the US it’s cheaper most of the sites that sell ‘doll hair’. If you’re outside the US the shipping really sucks.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve heard a lot about Doctored Locks from MLP customizers but I wasn’t quite sure how much to order or which type of hair was appropriate for doll reroots. =D

  11. My little customs is great! Fast shipping and lovely customer service. Please note however that I have only ordered from her once and I didn’t purchase any hair hanks. I bought eye chips for my blythe.

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