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MH Doll body repaints… bane of customizing…

In a previous article, I tried out the dye process for repainting MH bodies. The trial was to figure out if Monster High dolls can be converted to have human skin tone and resulted in patchy skin instead.


I took an alternative route and dyed the body more thoroughly to try out a demon type character just like ru-debega‘s. I got a similar result where everything but the lower legs took on the rit dye color. There was just no way of recoloring those lower legs. They did get a little darker but an accidental scratch showed that it wasn’t absorbing the color at all. Within 2-3 months, the vinyl head that once took a perfect red color dulled and faded just a little bit which is not something you want to happen to a custom doll in the long run.

Many artists have tried out vinyl paint spray which is something I have explored with my custom Heath Burns.


Vinyl paint spray is the closest you can get to attempting a full doll repaint. Unfortunately, anytime you attempt a body repaint, it’s prone to fraying seams. Another downside is that some colors might bubble up and end up with tiny little holes where the bubbles used to be.


Vinyl paint spray may be effective but it’s too unpredictable for me which is why I won’t ever even try to do full body doll repaints. If it’s possible at all, Mattel should offer some sort of custom parts service where you can ask them to manufacture bodies and head sculpts in the color you want.

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  1. I’ve had marginal success with nail polish, and if you don’t mind them going brittle, then layering chalk pastel and Testors clear coat spray gives a marginal patch job for the areas on a dyed body that won’t take the dye properly.

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