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WIP: Cyclops Blob girl

Seems like the cyclops girls are popular so you’ll be seeing a bit of one-eyed girl spam from me for a while. ^^;

This current gal is for ghouliasadventures. She’s a blob girl from the recent create a monster set. She has the perfect face shape for a cyclops girl!


Her brow ridge was pretty prominent which got me a little worried. I don’t know how deep I can cut/sand. I have no idea how thick the plastic is so I squeezed her to get an idea.


The blob girl sculpt is actually semi transparent which was a huge help.


This is what a modified head looks like right after, very rough and needs a lot of sanding to get smooth.



The truth is, it doesn’t get any smoother than that so I apply Mr. Super Clear gloss to kind of help level it out.


The surface still isn’t as smooth as I’d like but some painting trickery helps distract from any uneven spots. I usually try to make brush strokes as invisible as possible but I paint a little thicker than usual since it also helps smooth out the surface more.


Once she’s completed, there will be a final coat of sealant applied which should hide the brush strokes and smooth out the surface.

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