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Monster High cyclops mods

Remember Penelope? Well, here she is!


It took a while to sand and smooth the faces as close as possible to a normal looking sculpt and it had to be done with the help of Liquid Fusion and using Mr. Super Clear gloss as a primer of sorts to level the texture out further.

I had better results on Abbey.


It’s just a little awkward painting these guys since it really isn’t as flat and smooth as I’d like. There’s still parts of the previous eye molds that can’t be modified because cutting a little too deeply will weaken the head sculpt.

For those who have asked, I won’t be publishing a tutorial on how to do this. It involves using sharp tools and sculpt/carving that I’m not comfortable publishing without supervision. Hopefully Mattel releases more Lab Monsters with complete bodies since those flat heads are better suited for a cyclops like these.

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