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WIP: Practice, practice!

I was given the opportunity to paint a Tonner girl whose vinyl is a little bit more high quality than MH girls, which also means it’s a bit more sensitive to taking in paint. I worked on a few girls for practice!


First up was an attempt at getting realistic looking colored lashes! When you look at real life colored lashes, you can still see a hint of the darker colored natural lashes. This would have probably looked a lot better if I had just simplified it to just have the colored lash look and ignore the natural lashes all together. Unfortunately due to Lagoona’s pale skin tone, the pink just didn’t stand out enough to make it look right.


It bothered me too much so I just went ahead and darkened her lashes leaving a hint of the colored lashes around the corners. She really needed those dark lashes to contrast with her overall pale color scheme.

Second doll on the table is a spare Skull Shores Frankie who is getting a full body tattoo of a dragon. It really helps to have tiny brushes to get all those details. I see so many mistakes! I hope they get covered up once it’s colored in. IMG_6718

The tattoo wraps around her torso all the way to her right thigh. If I’m crazy enough, I’m thinking of just adding more tattoos later on…

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