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Nefara, Draculaura and Ghoulia at Ebay!

IMG_5722Nefara here. Ignore the two peasants behind me and listen up!

IMG_5733You can pick gorgeous, ME, over here at Ebay. If you feel like groveling instead, worship me at the gallery.

IMG_5700Ugh, but if for whatever reason you’re interested in that stinky zombie girl… you can pick her up at ebay over here… and ugh… and inspect her corpse over here. Why you’d want to even look at a corpse, I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

IMG_5703If you’re curious about that other cry baby, you can pick her up at Ebay over here and… *shudder* poke fun at her over here or something.

IMG_5675So what are you waiting for peasants? Your queen is waiting!

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  1. Your repaint is probably my favorite of all that I see out there and are my inspiration! :] I repaint and want to send a custom doll to my friend, but I don’t know how to protect the newly styled hair! How do you keep a doll hair safe and in good shape without it getting messed up during package and shipping? Thank you! I hope to see more of your paints soon!

    1. Retaining hair style depends on the type of hair you’re using for your doll I suppose. If it’s Saran or the default MH hair, they will stay intact if you repackage them back in their boxes. If it’s a particularly ornate hairstyle, I will sometimes keep the curlers on (to be removed once they arrive at the destination!). I might have to write an article on this so that there’s better photos. XD

      Thank you and thanks for stopping by! =)

      1. An article would be very helpful! Even about how to protect the paint when shipped in general! Thank you for your answer! :] Have a wonderful day!

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