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Experiment: Further adventures into skin recolors with RIT dye!

Re-coloring using a combination of blush work and enamel paint seems to do it, but dyeing sounds like a better alternative since it would theoretically turn the actual plastic into the desired color.

Below are a few examples of other people’s attempt at using the RIT dye method in recoloring Monster High bodies:

Draculaura was used for the experiment since she had pink skin. Adding a bit of tan would theoretically give her a human skin tone. The results were  disappointing.


I was correct in assessing that the head, lower arms and hands being made from soft vinyl would take on the color right away (evenly too!).



The torso, upper arms and things took on the dye pretty well though it was very patchy. Washing and scrubbing seemed to work but it some of the patchiness just stuck.


What came as a surprise was the lower legs. It looks like they’re made from another type of plastic and didn’t absorb any dye at all. The knee joints are extremely reactive to the dye.


It seems other folks had luck using darker colors as seen from Lassarina’s custom Frankie.

But the lower legs in general seems to have to be treated separately from the rest of the body as shown by ru_debega’s attempt. She had used ink wash to try and get the lower legs to match with the rest of the recolored body.

If you’d like to try out dyeing Monster High dolls to recolor their skin, you can use any cheap stock pot or spare pot. Once you use the pot for dyeing, please be aware that you can no longer use it for food. Below is a great tutorial for the dyeing process:

Part 1

Part 2

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