Korra was pitched to me by CharmingNightmare. I have not seen Legend of Korra but saw a lot of it everywhere. I love her character design and anyone who cosplays her so I thought I’d try my hand at making a custom Korra.

I really did not want to cut off Clawdeen’s ears so I substituted a MyScene head. I sanded off a little bit of the chin and lips to fit MH dimensions a little better. MyScene heads on their own have really pointed and long chins.

This gorgeous outfit (the beautiful whole of it) was created for me by Jazzy Creations. She was so wonderful to work with and comes highly recommended from me if you ever wanted any custom made outfits. She’s currently stocking the shop with Victorian era outfits so be sure to stop by at her shop.

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Illustrator, crochet doll designer, doll customizer, author and owner of No Nap Time. She likes to make miniature items in 1/6th scale. She loves dogs, baby elephants and alpacas. She owns a pet chicken in Minecraft named "Mr. Cluckers."


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            YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH… Said it once, and ill say it again… Alice your the greatest! 🙂 (universal smile)

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