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Tutorial: Little Dal with 11cm Obitsu body

[note color=”#F2F2F2″]This is a copy of the tutorial from my old website.[/note]

When I first saw the Little Dals, I loved them but I wasn’t too thrilled with the body they came in. That’s why it was good news to me when Obitsu came out with a chibi body that essentially allowed you to have custom Chibi characters.

There’s already several photos of Little Pullip and Little Dals on the latest 11cm Obitsu bodies so here’s a tutorial to help anyone else who might be interested in doing the same.

This tutorial only applies to the new Little Pullip and Little Dal. If you’re thinking about doing this for the old Little Pullips, it will still require carving the neck hole to accommodate for the Obitsu body.

First, you’ll need to de-wig your little Dal. I’m happy to report that it’s easier to remove the wigs on the new version and they come off very cleanly.

Once the wig comes off, unscrew the head from the back.

You’ll notice that there’s a mechanism holding the neck to the body. This is going to come off completely.

Your Dal head is now prepared for swapping. Now let’s take a look at the 11cm body.

Unscrew the default peg that comes with the body and replace it with the medium peg.

The Dal neck mechanism will be replaced by a washer that comes with the 11cm Obitsu body. You’ll need to disassemble the body in order to insert it.

If you’re lucky enough, you may not need to insert the washer. I chose to use it because using the Dal neck mechanism prevented me from closing the head completely. That means that it’s subject to damage or cracking if I just tried to force it to close.

Reassemble the body with the washer attached. Also reattach the screws that were used to hold the neck mechanism in place. These will now keep the washer in place.

Reattach the back of the head and you’re done! Below is the result.

Wig and clothing back and you’ve got a proportioned, child-like Dal!

I used an Obitsu white body for my Little Dal. It’s a close match to the skin tone but it’s pinker than Dal’s skin.

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