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Stitches was originally a Gloom Beach Frankie whose fate was supposed to turn her into Gothel, a character from Grimm’s Charming. While removing her factory stitches, I found that acetone melted the hard plastic used for Monster high dolls. As a result, she sat unfinished for many months.

Recently I discovered some resin putty I once used to customize Pinky:St dolls. I’ve always wanted Frankie to have more realistic stitches so I thought to use it on this Frankie. I’m really happy with the results! The resin putty is very strong and adheres to the plastic very well like a second skin. It hardens like a rock so I decided not to use any for her soft head.

This is my first full customized doll. In the past I’ve only rerooted or repainted. Since I don’t sew, I can’t really make outfits for the dolls. I went ahead and crocheted her entire outfit, including her shoes. I think the look suits Stitches well.

Stitches is up for grabs at Ebay:

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