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Reroot Pattern
Doll Hair Affair
Doll Hair Affair

This is a bit of a companion piece to doll hair re-rooting articles. If you haven’t already, check them out to learn all about how to re-root! Calculating the amount of hair needed for a reroot Doll reroot and resources…

Retiring From Craft Commissions
Retiring from craft commissions

I started NoNapTime as an attempt to live out a dream of living off of my “art.” Although family and friends recognized my creative pursuits, I didn't get a lot of support or encouragement in regards to actually pursuing a…

Apoxie Sculpt: Rosalie
Apoxie Sculpt: Rosalie

A few months back, I revealed a few modded dolls in progress using Apoxie Sculpt. If you don't know what Apoxie Sculpt is, read all about it over here! Meet Rosalie! This buxom babe was modeled after anime character, Super…

Picco Neemo: Of Heads And Wardrobe
Picco Neemo: Of heads and wardrobe

Last time, we talked about Azone's Picco Neemo bodies. Since they're relatively new, there aren't a lot of heads available to use for customizing. Obitsu's 11cm head was a good candidate but had to be modified in order for it…

Experiment: Rerooting With Yarn
Experiment: Rerooting with Yarn

Rerooting with yarn is nothing new in the doll world. It's the "go to" fiber of choice for any cloth doll but will it work for fashion dolls? Yarn reroots by Mimblex featuring Monster High and My Little Pony. The…

Repaint Story: Rochelle Goyle
Repaint Story: Rochelle Goyle

Due to popular demand, I've documented my repainting process! I chose Rochelle as subject as a callback to the repainting process articles I wrote several years ago: The Repaint Process All about Mr. Super Clear Repaint supplies The experience was…

Reroot Pattern Header Retired Rosalie Pn Clothes Vid Thumb Reed Vid Thumb Rochelle02


29Jul 11

Part 3 – How to read amigurumi patterns

Amigurumi patterns usually come in the following forms: Regular: These patterns are written out and usually easier for beginners since they are detailed and riddled with explanations. Here's an example…

12Nov 12

Experiment: Glow in the dark effects!

After I saw Last Piece by Destiny Blue, I couldn't get the image out of my head and wanted to somehow make it real. Below was the result! I've never…

28Dec 13

Repaint Story: Vivi

You may have seen this unusual reroot around and I was given the opportunity to repaint her. This beautiful Robecca reroot was created by Mike Valentine. I am in awe…

26Nov 12

Robot Robecca

Robecca Steam is perhaps the most detailed Monster High doll to come out. Taking on the steam punk theme, they didn't hold back on the details of her body. It was common…

Sorry, everybody! I am not currently accepting doll repaint and amigurumi commissions.


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